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Managed IT soluions

We provide different types of support and service delivery to a range to clients, who all operate in different ways. Finding a single solution to meet requirements is almost impossible to achieve, and rarely addresses the unique needs of each individual business. As a result, we always try to find the best way to support each of our clients, and find the best way to deliver services to have the most positive productive effects.

Cost and scalability are important considerations for any business, and we look to meet these needs with both managed infrastructure and managed service offerings. This enables a business to easily increase (or maybe more importantly, the ability to decrease) the number of users, devices, and associated line of business services quickly as and when necessary – presenting a clear overview of the investment required for growth and ongoing support.

Our managed services packages include everything from infrastructure (managed internet and WiFi) to cloud services (such as email and document access), telephony services, device security, and remote support. All managed services are delivered with various levels of response or Service Level Agreements, depending on the requirements of your business and our current primary focus is the provision, management and support of businesses looking to, or being forced to adapt to enabling their remote workforce.

Managed Infrastructure

Easy management of broadband and leased line infrastructure providing secure connectivity, site security, remote access to site based services, and remote management of user access and firewall rules.

Managed site wireless network infrastructure, access point maintenance and monitoring, secure networking including guest network isolation, bandwidth management, access restrictions, and guest marketing services.

Managed Cloud

Providing fully managed Office 365 Tenants including tiered subscription models based on user service requirements; email solutions for user, group and shared resources; SharePoint Online access for document sharing and collaboration; automated email signature rules and management.

User device security and fully automated Office 365 secure cloud data backup to protect mailboxes and shared document libraries.

Managed Communications

Managed hosted phone systems servicing full office, remote workforce, and hybrid environments. Enabling seamless communications solutions for all types of business with requirements for connected users, mobile integration and non-geographical calling.

Our managed telephony services enable video conferencing, automated call flows, system wide call recording and voice encryption – providing a fully featured, flexible comms tool that can easily scale to meet the demands of modern business operations.

Our managed services packages can include:

Internet Connectivity


Device Security

Wireless Networks

File Access

Email Services

Cloud Backup

Mobile Device Management

Support & Maintenance