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To be honest, the early days of VoIP were dark. Very dark. One way audio, choppy audio, costly licensing, costly hardware, reliability issues, complex management.

It used to be the case that internet connectivity, in most areas, was pretty poor – hardly capable of providing businesses with the most basic of connection requirements the ability to function effectively, and perform their online duties with much haste. Even more noticeable for those really wanting to test the limits of their connection and do anything more than send emails, browse the web for suppliers or market their own business online, add to that all of the PCs in the office downloading Windows updates or service pack at the same time, and then trying to push all of their calls down the same link. It didn’t start particularly well for VoIP, and for no fault of it’s own.

Some of the early adopters of the technology lost faith, and were left frustrated with the issues they experienced. The infrastructure and bandwidth on offer just wasn’t good enough for most to be able to use the technology effectively – people were almost forgiving if their computers were slow, or experienced the odd problem – but historically, traditional phone systems just worked, and now understandably if the phones weren’t working reliably, there was a big problem.

Times have changed.

As improved connectivity was rolled out, initially with greater ADSL2+ speeds, and then of course the wide availability of fibre broadband, better connectivity becoming more affordable, and better ways to manage bandwidth, VoIP is king – almost the standard. So much so in fact, that traditional lines such as ISDN and even traditional systems are being phased out, with lines becoming much more expensive to rent and systems becoming more expensive to run and maintain – certainly compared with the alternative.

Now the move to switch to VoIP has become extremely attractive – cost, reliability and functionality benefits of a VoIP system are hard to ignore. But which one is best for you? There are a huge range of providers, each offering differing levels of features, hardware choices, pricing models etc.

We’re here to help, and by offering a range of options, we’re able to assist you with the right hardware, features and functionality to suit your needs. Easily scalable and simple to manage, join the other businesses we’ve helped reach their telephony goals!

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